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1 year 1 outfit*

* or, how to procrastinate on finishing a skirt for 8 months. But hey! It’s done!


When I took on this project (see This is Moonlight for more info), I had very little idea of what the year had in store. I thought it could be a great way to kickstart some research I wanted to explore around maker communities, and I still want to do some more writing in this area. However, it fast became apparent that wasn’t going to happen. My already limited time very quickly disappeared as I: finished writing an (academic) book, purchased a house, moved and arranged the settlement, continued my policy of not buying new clothes, took up aerials circus (trapeze and silks) and continued to work at my myriad of (paid) teaching and research jobs. All this = not as much time to play as I would like.

I had grand plans for my outfit, I initially wanted to make a multicolour fair isle dress and a black and white graphic coat, but reason prevailed. The intention remained the same throughout, however, I wanted to create something I would wear – given my precious, priceless making time, I did not want to dedicate my time to an outfit that would just be an artwork, it had to be practical and wearable. Continue reading “1 year 1 outfit*”


Ebony Tee

There seems to always be a reason not to blog these days. And while I want to analyse/write this further (and I have been really fascinated to read many of the explanations/discussions around blogging – particularly blogging about “trivial” things* like clothes in the current political climate) I’m not going to. Rather, I’m taking a cue from the blog Marcy/Oonaballoona wrote recently about beauty and distractions, which I read in bed this morning, and writing about a couple of versions I’ve made of the Closet Case Patterns’ Ebony TeeContinue reading “Ebony Tee”

Ginger Jeans and my New York Jumper

The Ginger Jeans pattern came out last year right before we were about to head to north America on holiday. Perfect, I thought, I can make up the jeans and wear them in Montreal! I picked a rather heavy denim for the winter cold, thinking that would make them warm and merrily made them up. They fit really well with no changes, but the fabric, despite being 2% elastane had little stretch, and when I sat down they were bellyache producing jeans. While it took quite some time to let go the idea of not taking jeans I had made on our trip, I eventually gave in and re-dyed my Veronika Maine jeans black and the holiday was wonderful and unaffected by the presence or absence of hand made jeans.

Continue reading “Ginger Jeans and my New York Jumper”

Caller Herrin’

I’ve had these photographs sitting on my computer since we were in Quebec City in December. See all the snow piled on the boats in the background. In some ways this port seemed incredibly familiar, the boats, the trains, the silos but not the snow, and the icy, icy breeze.

However, this post is more about showcasing my favourite hat: Kate Davies’ Caller Herrin’ pattern. It was such fun to knit and I love the shell like shape and the subtle colour change of the original version.

Continue reading “Caller Herrin’”

Windswept Culottes

On the windswept beach this afternoon in my new Tania culottes and the linen top I started on Christmas Day.

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Last day in San Francisco

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Breweries and Berkley

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Cable Cars and Golden Gate Bridge

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